IT Asset Tagging and Serial Number Capture

Left to its own devices, it’s easy for hardware to slip under the radar, resulting in logistical, financial and security issues.

Avoid these inefficiencies by allowing SHI’s asset tagging and serial number capture experts to manage the data you need to help your organization align its IT, procurement and finance needs.

The SHI Integration Center:

  • ISO 9001:2015 registered
  • 300,000+ square feet
  • Static-free, climate-controlled
  • Capable of producing 3,500 systems/servers per day
  • Capable of storing the equivalent of 260,000 desktops, 180,000 printers or 630,000 laptops at a given time
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Asset Tagging

Our Configuration and Integration team creates asset tags for any piece of equipment that was configured at SHI. Asset tags may also be acquired from a third party vendor and applied at SHI, if desired.

We can:
  • Apply asset tags provided by your organization or use a format specification to develop tags in-house
  • Print text with black heat-transfer ink on white tags
  • Offer a variety of different asset tag sizes and shapes
  • Print static and variable data on the tags, such as serial numbers, purchase order numbers and more
  • Work with a third party vendor to ship pre-printed tags either directly to you or our Integration Center for application

Serial Number Capture

Our Serial Number Capture service provides serial number tracking for each product that we configure, ensuring all information is sent directly to your organization, and each device is accounted for.

Custom Label & Packaging

If needed, we provide customized product packaging and labels, including custom bar code labels, designed to capture and display the specific data you require.

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