Adopting and
Deploying IT Security

Our experts can provide the right security solution and buying program to meet all your technical and business goals.

Securing your organization’s infrastructure isn’t a one-time job – it’s ongoing, and SHI won’t leave you hanging. After acquisition, we deploy and support your security solution instead of simply delivering it to your door. At SHI, we help you fully adopt security tools – at the time of install and beyond – so you always have what it takes to stay protected.


SHI’s services delivery team will ensure you obtain all the benefits from your security strategy. We can help configure your product sets and infrastructure, and test and validate the final deployment to ensure it meets your goals.


IT solutions, especially security, require support in order to maximize your investment and protect your environment. Our security team will help you maintain these solutions through one-off or recurring assessments and resolve any issues that may occur.

SHI's security experts can provide:
  • Implementation services ranging from pre-configuration for a point solution to complete turn-key solutions.
  • Migrations, upgrades or scaling an existing solution.
  • Maintaining and supporting a security program with one-time and/or recurring risk assessments.

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