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Gemalto is a global leader in digital security, bringing trust to an increasingly connected world. We deliver a vast range of solutions to businesses, governments and other organizations, protecting identities and data so they’re kept safe wherever they are: in personal devices, connected objects, the network, the cloud and in between.

Partnership with SHI

SHI and Gemalto have partnered to provide businesses with solutions that can address many of the security challenges businesses face in today’s fluid operating environment. By attaching encryption to the data, protecting and managing the keys for that encryption, and controlling access to that data, organizations can trust their data remains unintelligible in the event of a breach. Contact SHI 


Secure the Breach

Gemalto’s “secure the breach” approach is top of mind for customers who have seen almost 11 million records breached in the first half of 2017, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. Our differentiated approach enables customers envision a unique approach to protect their data WHEN they get breached. With Gemalto’s encryption, security is attached to the data wherever it resides, and by managing the encryption keys, and controlling user access, you are able to maintain control of your data, prove compliance, and facilitate governance – even in a dense virtual or cloud environment.

Meet Gemalto's SafeNet Identity & Data Protection Solutions
Protect Your Data
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Protecting Your Data.
Sensitive Data is Everywhere.
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Authentication Solutions

Gemalto’s SafeNet Multi-Factor Authentication, positioned as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, serves a vital function within any organization: securing access to corporate networks; protecting the identities of users; and ensuring that a user is who he claims to be.

BRAND NEW! SafeNet Trusted Access: SafeNet Trusted Access is an intuitive cloud access management service that makes it easy to manage cloud access with cloud single sign-on and scenario-based access policies.

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Identity and Acess Management
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SafeNet Identity and Access Management Solutions
Access Management and PKI Credentialing Solutions


Encryption Solutions

Gemalto’ s SafeNet Enterprise Encryption Solutions deliver unmatched coverage, securing databases, applications, personal identifiable information (PII), and storage in the physical and virtual data center. Guarding against advanced threats -- while maintaining compliance – is difficult in a dynamic environment where data moves through virtual, cloud and mobile ecosystems. Organizations now need to look at using a data-centric approach to protecting sensitive information.

How to use Encryption to Secure Data in the Cloud
encrypt everything
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Encrypt Everything
How to unshare and secure your sensitive data wherever it resides

Key Management

Key Management Solutions

Gemalto’s solutions enable businesses to protect and control sensitive data as it expands in volume, type and location. As data moves from the data center, through virtual environments, and to the cloud, Gemalto solutions improve compliance, governance, visibility and efficiency through centralized management and policy enforcement.

Prepare for a Breach with a Strong Crypto Foundation
Crypto Management
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Everything you need to know about
Crypto Management

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