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Top 10 Tips for Delivering a Great Digital Experience for Remote Workers

Remote work poses a number of challenges to both IT and employee productivity. Issues like shadow IT, VPN compliance, and employee experience become even harder when your colleagues are working from outside the office.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

remote workers

In this eBook, we offer IT leaders 10 critical tips to sustain a great remote Digital Employee Experience.

Tackle every technical and remote work scenario possible with ease.

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What Happens When IT Puts Employees First?

Learn how five enterprise IT departments use their employees’ digital experiences to drive productivity, engagement and delighted employees.

employees first

After reading this eBook you will know how to:

  • Respond faster and smarter to tech problems that occur in real time
  • Enact automated, proactive solutions at scale across your endpoints
  • Apply digital experience scoring and benchmarking for your continuous improvement projects

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Driving Employee Experience Forward with Toyota

By removing obstacles to productivity and empowering employees with the best tools and experiences, Toyota’s IT department has made a monumental contribution to their wider business.

Employee Experience

Learn how Toyota was able to:

  • Benchmark their company’s Digital Employee Experience using advanced end-user scoring and real-time data
  • Correct for costly software resources, incomplete patching, and process deviation
  • Liberate their help desk agents through proactive alerts, built-in automations and key ITSM integrations

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The Experience 2020 Report: Digital Employee Experience Today

What the digital workplace really looks like for 3,000 senior IT leaders and employees

Backed by independent research firm, Vanson Bourne, this report highlights unique industry findings you cannot find anywhere else.

Experience Report

Learn about:

  • The true costs incurred by businesses for technology downtime (in both money & productivity)
  • What obstacles stand in the way of IT Ops and digital workers
  • How each party perceives the other and the digital workplace
Get your facts straight on enterprise IT solutions and the Digital Employee Experience, and stay ahead of the competition with Nexthink.

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About Nexthink

Nexthink is the leader in digital employee experience management software. Giving IT leaders unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experiences with technology at the device level – freeing IT to progress from reactive problem-solving to proactive optimization.

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Nexthink helps customers measure, manage and continuously improve their employees' digital experience. By providing visibility into the experience of the end user, regardless of their location, Nexthink enables IT to transition from a reactive model to a proactive model. Contact SHI 

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