Software Lifecycle Management

With thousands of vendors and even more licensing options to choose from, how do you make the right decisions to satisfy your organization's needs without creating unacceptable cost or risk?

Software Lifecycle Management services from SHI help you manage an increasingly diverse and complex software estate – optimizing legacy datacenter licensing, ensuring end users have access to the features they need and helping you take advantage of cloud models.


SHI's experts can help you at every stage of the software lifecycle

Why partner with SHI for your software needs?

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Access to a portfolio of 10,000+ vendor partners

Benefit from our relationships with 10,000+ vendor partners from whom we source software for our customers.

Our experts can provide you with insight and advice to help you develop tailored software procurement strategies that are aligned with your business' IT strategy and business needs.

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Strategic license advisory

With dedicated subject matter expertise for 40+ major vendors and support offered for an additional 110 partners and emerging vendors, our licensing and procurement experts advise you on the best way to license individual products and ensure you select the best agreement.

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On-going guidance and advice on right-sizing your licensing, maintenance, and support agreements

Once your contract is in place, we support you from start to finish through true-ups, annual maintenance payments, and contract renewals.

We proactively manage your account and provide access to the support and services you need.

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World-class contract management expertise

Our contract knowledge extends to hundreds of software manufacturers, including both major brands and “long-tail” vendors.

From virtualization licensing to creative software, we have what it takes to keep each of your departments productive and compliant.

Software Lifecycle Management Services from SHI at a glance

License Advisory

License Advisory

From strategic partners to the smaller, niche vendors that make up the long-tail, SHI's experts are on hand throughout the length of your software contract to support your licensing questions, field contract inquiries, provide renewal assistance and present program options based on your unique needs and landscape.

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Long-tail Vendor Licensing & Contracting

Long-tail Vendor Licensing & Contracting

Our team of procurement and licensing experts have the in-depth knowledge of the niche, industry-specific and alternative products that are critical to your business. We ensure you get the most preferred contract terms and conditions at the best price.

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Volume Licensing and Program Management

Volume Licensing and Program Management

When it comes to volume licensing and enterprise agreements, no one does it better – or more cost-effectively – than SHI. Our experts know complex licensing schemes inside out to get you the right software and usage rights at the best price.

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Renewals Management & Optimization

Renewals Management & Optimization

By looking across your total renewals spend, we help you take a strategic approach to your upcoming renewals and right-size spend.

We track and analyze your upcoming subscription, maintenance and support renewals and find savings opportunities you didn't know you had.

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