ITAM Maturity

Put your IT asset management processes to the test - and pass with flying colors.

Much like a clock, IT asset management operates on the synchronization of many components. SHI’s ITAM Maturity Assessment ensures your IT asset management processes are as safe, smooth and efficient as possible.

Based around industry best practices, the Assessment documents where you are now, where you want to be and how to get you there, through the following:


Analyzing the current state of your organization, operations, management processes, procedures and tools


Understanding and prioritizing needs by identifying deficiencies and shortcomings


Identifying gaps, root causes and solutions to overcome issues through implementation or redesign of policies and processes


  • Gain visibility into ITAM processes and ITAM maturity
  • Identify vulnerabilities and areas of unmanaged risk
  • Receive a customized business plan to implement change
  • Obtain assistance with financial planning and resource allocation for compliance projects

What's Included?

The ITAM Maturity Assessment from SHI is based on the following rating levels:


Aware of ITAM responsibilities

No proactive management


ITAM owned at a senior level

Asset Management Tool in place

Documented policies and procedures


ITAM forms part of day to day operations

License Management Tool in place

Proactive compliance reporting

Iso Integrated

ITAM forms part of business objectives

Regular conformance verification

Compliance by default

Continuous improvement

The Assessment is broken down into the following areas. For each area, you will be given a maturity rating and advice on how to progress from one maturity level to the next.

Organizational Management Process
  • Control Environments
  • Planning and Implementation Processes
Core ITAM Processes
  • Inventory Processes
  • Verification and Compliance Process
  • Operations Management Processes and Interfaces
Primary Process Interfaces
  • Lifecycle Process Interfaces

Examples of specific assessments:

  • IT policies and procedures
  • IT procurement
  • Software delivery to organization and end-users
  • Software license, media storage and control
  • Software movements/additions/changes
  • Software and media disposal
  • Hardware disposal
  • Risks involving complexity, cost, performance, strategic alignment and more

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