FireEye Endpoint Security

Proactively detect, prevent and analyze known and unknown threat activity on any endpoint! By integrating AV and anti-malware protection, threat intelligence, behavior analysis and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, FireEye Endpoint Security offers a far more robust EPP option to detect and prevent multiple threat characteristics.

How It Works

Automatically Detects Exploits or Attack Processes on Any Endpoint

  • Investigates in-process exploits quickly and thoroughly to facilitate repairs
  • Thwarts attacks traditional AV endpoint and NGAV solutions miss
  • Detects and stops memory and application attacks such as macros

Instantly Validates and Contains Endpoint Attacks

  • Conducts complex searches of all endpoints to find known and unknown threats
  • Isolates compromised devices for added analysis with a single click

Provides Enhanced Endpoint Visibility

  • Inspects and analyzes past and present endpoint activity
  • Provides a complete view into activity timelines for forensic analysis
  • Gathers details on any incident, including known stopped attacks to better adapt a defense

Intelligence-Driven Endpoint Protection

Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI)

Extends advanced threat intelligence from the core network to all endpoints.

Enterprise Security Search

Lets you rapidly search for and identify threats, and discern threat level.

Complete Endpoint Coverage

Allows instant investigation and containment of endpoints anywhere in the world.

Easy-to-Understand Interface

Accelerates interpretation and response to any suspicious endpoint activity.

Data Acquisition

Enables detailed endpoint analysis to address current or past threat activity.

Triage and Audit Viewers

Provide a single workflow to analyze threats within endpoint security.

FireEye Helix

FireEye Helix is a comprehensive detection and response platform designed to simplify, integrate and automate security operations. FireEye’s intelligence-led approach blends innovative security technologies, nation-grade FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and world-renowned expertise from Mandiant into FireEye Helix.

Why FireEye Helix?

Detect What Others Miss

FireEye Helix combines FireEye network and endpoint detection with industry-leading FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence.

Make Other Security Products Better

FireEye Helix applies FireEye intelligence, rules and analytics to existing security and IT products.

Work Faster From a Unified Console

FireEye Helix features a single console for each of the major SOC use cases such as alert management, search, analysis, rules, analytics, investigations and reporting.


FireEye Helix powers the SOC with tools that emphasize response speed, including sub-second search across all events, context on every alert, simple pivot and analysis tools, drill-down to forensic captures and malware analysis reports on any hash.

Automate the Response

FireEye Helix orchestration lets SOC teams take advantage of pre-developed FireEye playbooks with Mandiant best practice response processes that can be run automatically based on a combination of events and alerts.

Broad Situational Awareness

FireEye Helix reports and dashboards allow an organization to customize views and gain quick insights into any part of their environment.

Achieve Compliance

FireEye Helix reports help show auditors the data needed for compliance.

Product Entitlement

FireEye Helix provides customers with entitlements to FireEye Network Security (NX), Endpoint Security (HX), Threat Analytics Platform (TAP), Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI) and limited use of FireEye Security Orchestrator (FSO).

FireEye as a Service

Providing Fortune 50-grade security at a fraction of the cost, FireEye as a Service is a managed service that accelerates your defense by offering in-depth threat investigation, compromise assessment and practical remediation recommendations, as well as visibility into emerging attack campaigns.


Unprecedented Situational Awareness

Real-time visibility into the ongoing assessment and response to emerging threats via our community protection dashboards.

Answers, Not Just Alerts

In-depth compromise reports that assess attacker activity and display evidence in terms of the kill chain and include rich context and response recommendations so you can quickly assess risk and take action.

Team of Experts

Thousands of threat analysts, malware experts, incident responders, intelligence curators and forensic experts.

Advanced Hunting Techniques

FireEye threat assessment analysts provide in-depth behavioral insight that cannot be replicated.

Global Advanced Threat Response Centers

(ATRCs) in the United States (Virginia and California), Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Sydney and Japan provide 24x7 coverage.

Applied Threat Intelligence

Security analysts apply the latest machine, victim and adversary intelligence to locate and detail threats in your environment faster.

Ability to Leverage Existing Investments

Integrate with any security operation on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Engagement Managers

Facilitation of additional support such as analysis of malware samples, in-depth forensic analysis or on-site incident response.

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