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Working with SHI gives you the confidence to meet business and technology challenges head-on.

We know you are challenged with delivering a competitive technology advantage while closely managing spend. That's why we've made it easier than ever to find and engage with the right experts at SHI, helping you build strategies and solutions that will drive innovation, collaboration and security – all with cost optimization as the #1 priority.

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With SHI’s new digital transformation and cloud service offerings, you can modernize your IT with automated cloud migration, high-speed big data analytics and database performance monitoring and management. Take advantage of next-gen infrastructure, hybrid cloud and app modernization.

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SHI helps organizations around the world achieve their business and technology goals through the delivery of integrated solutions, services and IT equipment. Our team is 5,000-strong and full of ridiculously helpful experts from every area of IT operations, from volume licensing to security, data center to mobility and collaboration.

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Next Gen Infrastructure Summit

SHI Summit

SHI Fall Summit Series: Next-Generation Infrastructure

October 20, 2020 - October 21, 2020

Join experts from across SHI and our partner community during this two-day summit, where we will explore ways to boost productivity and availability using secure, next-generation cloud and hybrid data center infrastructure solutions.

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Hear what our experts have to say about data centers, security and collaboration.

Virtual Learning

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The SHI Blog The SHI Blog

Time is running out on the free Google Meet premium: What schools and colleges can do to adapt

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Edge AI ML

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The SHI Blog The SHI Blog

AI and ML in edge computing: Benefits, applications, and how they’re driving the future of business

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Summit in Six

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The SHI Blog The SHI Blog

How edge computing can give your business a competitive advantage: Video

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IT Lifecycle

Case Study SHI Case Study

Software Developer Reduces Oracle bill ($300M down to $150K) and resolves Microsoft audit ($2M down to $0)

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Case Study SHI Case Study

Marketing and Talent Management Firm Finds New Talent with Azure Services

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TX Healthcare

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Case Study SHI Case Study

Texas Health Care Clinic Receives Prescription for SHI Audit Defense

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Video Transcript: About SHI

We're SHI, and we might be the biggest name in innovative IT solutions you've never heard of.

But if you're one of the tens of thousands of the customers we already support, you know how ridiculously helpful our teams can be. Every day, we go above and beyond, helping organizations like yours to innovate, secure and streamline your IT, building next-generation data center and cloud strategies, delivering effective digital workplace solutions and securing data and IT assets.

Working with SHI is like having an extra 5,000 experts on your team focused exclusively on your success from data center solutions architects and integrations specialists, to volume licensing experts, IT asset management professionals and more.

We'll help you select the right technologies for your business, from over 15,000 partners, optimize your IT supply chain with our state-of-the-art configuration and deployment centers, and provide professional managed services that help you establish and maintain effective technology governance programs.

And with locations across the country and around the world, our experts are always where you need them most - close to you and ready to help you innovate, secure and streamline your IT.

So get to know SHI, and find out how ridiculously helpful we can be.